which company in china can provide the best tension meters?

Shenyang Betten Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading service provider of tension meter in china.  We provide customers with high-quality tension meters, copper wire tension meters ,cable tension meters, textile tension meters,and steel rope tension meters . 

For copper wires with a wire diameter of less than 0.2mm, the tension is generally very small. Normally the tension is below 5N. you can choose a small range, light weight copper wire tension meter, easy to carry, easy to use. The accuracy is also high. Especially choose a copper wire tension meter with automatic zeroing function, because the ordinary copper wire tension meter is made with a pressure sensor and cannot be automatically reset. The weight of the measuring head will change due to the change in the holding posture and affect measurement results. The automatic zero-adjusting tension meter uses a tension sensor, which does not have this problem, has high measurement accuracy and is easy to use. For example, you can choose NTS series copper wire tension meter with automatic zeroing function .

For the diameter of the copper wire over 0.2mm, there are three points to pay attention to when choosing a tension meter. The first is to select a copper wire tension meter and a copper wire tension meter with a wire diameter compensation function to compensate for the errors caused by the different wire diameters. The second is to select the copper wire tension meter with automatic zeroing function. The reason has already described the function of the automatic zeroing function and will not be repeated here. The third is to choose a copper wire tension meter with hardness compensation. When the thick metal wire passes by the guide wheel of the tension meter, its own hardness will cause a certain error, so it is necessary to choose a copper wire with a hardness compensation function. 

NT series copper wire tension meter produced by Betten Technology Co., Ltd. have digital display, automatic zeroing function and wire diameter compensation function. Can meet the tension measurement needs of wire

For aircraft industry ,you can choose NTA series .The models include NTA-20K-F,NTA-30K-F ,NTA-50K-F, NTA-100K-F, the measuring range is from 0 to 100KG, and the diameter of the cable is 0-5.5mm. When ordering, please tell us clearly the specifications of the cable you need to measure. The tension meter will be calibrated according to your requirements before shipment.

There are two ways to measure yarn tension for the textile industry . One is to use a portable yarn tension meter to spot check the online tension at any time. One is the long-term monitoring of yarn tension by means of fixed installation. For long-term monitoring, use a yarn tension sensor for measurement. Use the yarn tension meter to check the tension at any time. How to choose a yarn tension gauge? The tension range of the yarn is usually considered. First of all, the tension meter should be an electronic tension meter with an auto-zero function. Because the yarn tension is very small, if the tension meter does not have the function of automatic zero clearing, the change of the instrument's holding position will greatly affect the measurement results. The second point is to choose a tension meter with a suitable range, because the larger the range of the tension meter, the greater the error. So according to these two points, you can choose a suitable yarn tension gauge. The yarn tension gauge NTS series and yarn tension sensor BTS series produced by Shenyang Betten Technology Co., Ltd. can meet customers' requirements for yarn tension measurement.

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