How does the papermaking mesh tension meter Z-200 measure the tension of polyester forming wires?

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The papermaking wire tension meter Z-200 is a device specially used to measure the tension of polyester fiber forming wire, felt and other mesh fabrics on paper machines.

Z-200 papermaking wire tension meter is composed of chassis, bottom contact rod, handle, meter head and other main parts.

When measuring, first let one side of the papermaking mesh tension meter Z-200 contact the high-speed running mesh first, and the mesh speed is generally several hundred meters per minute. After one side of the tension meter is in contact, quickly press down the mesh tension meter so that the bottom surface of the tension meter fully touches the mesh and then lifts up quickly. At this time, the position where the memory pointer of the instrument is observed is the current tension of the mesh. The following are the technical parameters of Z-200 papermaking mesh tension meter.

technical parameter

Range: 0-200N/CM or 0-20KG/CM (10N/CM_1KG/CM)

Error: +2.5%

Size: Chassis length * width = 228 mm * 150 mm

Total height =190mm

Total weight = 1.15KG

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