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When the wide-format material is reeled and unrolled, the tension on both sides of the wide-format material is often inconsistent, which needs to be adjusted. So how to detect whether the tension on both sides of the non-woven fabric is consistent? It can be measured using a wide-format material and non-woven tension meter. For example, the Z series wide-format material non-woven tension meter of Betten Technology Co., Ltd. It is widely used to measure the tension of wide-format materials such as papermaking wire, felt, non-woven fabric, etc. Z series non-woven tension meter is composed of three parts: meter head and handle measuring chassis. Hold the handle while measuring and press the measuring disc on the non-woven fabric. When the position of the idle needle on the meter head no longer changes, you can read. Mechanical non-woven tension meters are durable and accurate. It’s ideal for measuring the tension of wide-format material. The velocity of the measured material can also be allowed to reach more than 1000 m/s.

technical parameter

Range: 0-200N/CM or 0-20KG/CM (10N/CM_1KG/CM)

Error: ±2.5%

Size: Chassis length * width = 228 mm * 150 mm

Total height =190mm

Total weight = 1.15KG

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