How to choose a thread tension tester for railway catenary?


High-speed railways, subways and other electrified railways obtain electricity through catenary. The catenary will have an elastic sling that maintains structural stability. The tension of this sling needs to be set to an appropriate value to ensure that catenary is working normally. A thread tension tester is used to determine the tension of the sling. At present, elastic slings are generally made of copper stranded wires with a diameter between 6-11mm. Choosing the thread tension tester should consider the allowable range of the elastic sling diameter. In addition, the tension range of the elastic sling is between 300KG-400KG, so it is best to choose the range of 0-500KG when choosing the lead tension tester.

For example, the BDRS series of thread tension testers from Betten Technology Co., Ltd. can be used for elastic sling tension testing on railways.

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