How to choose a suitable digital wire tension meter?

There are many specifications of digital wire tension meter, and their uses are completely different. Digital wire tension meter used in the textile industry generally have very small ranges and high measurement accuracy requirements. This requires the customer to select a small-range high-precision tension meter. In addition, the digital wire tension meter must have an automatic zero function. The automatic zero function greatly improves the accuracy of measurement and the stability of the value. For example, choose the NTS series of Betten technology Co.,Ltd.

Digital wire tension meter

For the metal wire less than 0.2mm, try to choose a small range of digital wire tension meter, such as NTS series digital wire tension meter.

If the wire diameter of the wire is more than 0.2mm, to consider the measurement error caused by the difference in wire diameter, it is necessary to choose a tension meter with auto-zero  clearing and wire diameter compensation, such as NT series digital wire tension meter. It is a good solution to the tension measurement of wires with different diameters.

Depending on the shape of the material, the choice of the digital tension meter is also different. For example, the belt-shaped material requires the measuring wheel to be a roller. You can choose the NTW series digital tension meter of the Betten technology Co., Ltd .

In summary, the selection of the digital wire tension meter depends on the industry to be used, and the shape and thickness of the material can be used to determine the range. I hope to be helpful.

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