Which cable tension meter should I choose to measure the cable tension of 0-3.5mm diameter?


To measure the tension of the cable, a cable tension meter needs to be used. When the wire diameter of the cable is different, a cable tension meter with a wire diameter compensator needs to be used for tension measurement. The cable tension meter with wire diameter compensation function on the market has a wire diameter compensation range of about 0-1.2mm. for bigger than this range of  the wire diameter , a special calibration method is required. If there are a lot of  specification of the cable within the diameter range of 0-3.5mm, and it would be very troublesome to measure with different special calibration. You can choose the NTL series cable tension meter produced by Betteb Technology Co., Ltd. NTL series has specially designed tension measuring head and wire diameter compensation device, which can fully meet the tension measurement in the range of 0-3.5mm wire diameter. The following is the specific information of NTL cable tension meter.

NTL series special purpose model tension meters with large diameter pulleys to minimize bending of the material, suitable for

Tensile measurement of large diameter wires under 5mm and ribbon materials with a width not exceeding 5mm, such as cable jackets, fibers, cables, etc.

NTL series has 4 tension ranges, from 25-2500cN to 2.0-20.0daN, other ranges can be customized.

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