When to choose a copper wire tensiometer with wire diameter compensator?

by BETTEN Tension Meter China TIME:2022-11-16
—— There are many types of copper wire tensiometers for measuring copper wire tension, some with wire d

The most used materials in the wire and cable industry are metal wires of various wire diameters, most of which are copper wires. There are many processes that require the measurement of copper wire tension, such as crimping and doubling. The copper wire tensiometer is an instrument used to measure the wire tensiometer. So when do you need to use a copper wire tension meter with a wire diameter compensator?

Copper Wire Tensiometer

The measurement principle of the tensiometer determines that under the same tension of copper wires with different wire diameters, there will be errors in the measurement of copper wire tensiometers without wire diameter compensators. This error is caused by the difference in wire diameters of copper wires.

When the wire diameter of the copper wire is less than 0.2mm, because the wire diameter is too small, the error caused by the change of the wire diameter is also very small, so there is no need for a wire diameter compensator for compensation at this time. The copper wire tensiometer of the compensator can achieve accurate measurement. Due to the simple structure of the tensiometer, this tensiometer is characterized by light weight and small measuring range. For example, the NK series, NM series and NTS series copper wire tensiometers produced by Baitan Technology Co., Ltd. It is very convenient to use. When the range is small, the auto-zero function is particularly important, because the error caused by the weight of the sensor is very large relative to the range and cannot be ignored. The automatic zero function can make the measurement very convenient and the result is very accurate.

When the wire diameter of the copper wire is greater than 0.2mm, the error caused by the wire diameter should be considered. To choose a copper wire tensiometer with a wire diameter compensator. According to the range of wire diameter, the compensation range of wire diameter should be selected. For the specific value, please refer to the specification of the copper wire tension meter.

It is recommended to choose the NT series copper wire tensiometer produced by Baitan Technology Co., Ltd.

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