• Tension meter Z-200
  • Tension meter Z-200
  • Tension meter Z-200
Tension meter Z-200 Tension meter Z-200 Tension meter Z-200

Tension meter Z-200

Tension meter Z-200 provide a easy and quick way to Correct tension of forming fabrics, felts and dryer screens for optimum reliability. Prevent wrinkles or torn fabrics and avoid unplanned downtime. It's easy, quick and reliable! 

Correct tension = better runnability

Paper machine clothing running at in-correct tension will have a negative effect on the machine's runnability . Too low tension will decrease the fabric's stability, which can result in wrinkles and unplanned fabric changes. Too high fabric tension can influence the fabric mesh (which changes the dewatering behaviour ), will increase the load on bearings and rolls and can result in torn fabrics, with all the dangers and lost production that come with it. An uneven tension over the machine width will guide the fabric to one side, causing the guiding roll to counter-steer resulting in considerable wear and uneven permeability of the fabric.

Suitable for forming, press and dryer fabrics

The ruggedly built Z-200 is a compact precision instrument that measures the tension in running paper machine clothing. Readings are taken quickly and accurately, to set and check the desired tension. An open framework represents an isolated area of the fabric to the sensing element, which is applied with a predetermined load to depress the web. The amount of travel of the sensing anvil is measured and converted into fabric tension, indicated on a calibrated dial. The maximum reading is held by a hold mechanism which is reset with release button. Accurate readings can therefore be taken even in dark places and areas difficult to reach, with always one hand free for optimum safety. 

2. Warranty and Liability 

In principle, the supply of the device is subject to the “General Conditions of Sale and Delivery”. These have been provided to the operating company since conclusion of the contract, at the latest.


- Z-200 tension meters is warranted for 12 months.

Parts subject to wear, electronic components and measuring springs are not covered by the warranty. No warranty or liability will be accepted for bodily injury or property damage resulting from one or several of the following causes:

- Misuse or abuse of the device.

- Improper mounting, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the device (e.g. verification interval).

- Operation of the device if any safeguards are defective, or if any of its safety and protection precautions are not properly installed or not operative.

- Ignoring the notices in the Operating Instructions concerning transport, storage, mounting, commissioning, operation, maintenance and setup of the device.

- Any unauthorized structural alteration of the device.

- Insufficient inspection of device components that are subject to wear.

- Opening the device or improper repair work.

- Disasters caused by the effects of foreign objects or by force majeure.

3. Copyright

The copyright on these Operating Instructions remains with the


Beijing Further Technology Co., Ltd

These Operating Instructions are intended for the operating company and its personnel only. They contain instructions and notices that may only be reproduced on the prior written permission of 

Beijing Further Technology Co., Ltd 

and under indication of the complete reference data. Violations will be prosecuted.

4. Note before measurement  

The meter shouldn’t be put down flat on a hard surface, it will damage the meter or increase errors.

After measurement, clean and dry the meter, put it in the carrying case。

Z-200 should be stored and carried in the carrying case。

The unit N/CM means the lengthways tension N on 1 cm width web within the underpan area. Because of the web’s deadweight ,measuring result near the guide roller is higher. So the distance from the nearest guide-roller should be 80 CM

5. Measurement

Z-200 is made of underpan , handle , dial plate, water-proof rubber circle and other inside parts.

Z-200 can measure the web tension and show the result on the dial plate directly.

Z-200 has two index on the dial plate. One is reading index“I” and the other one is recording index“II”. Before measurement , turning the outer circle of dial plate to set the “I” to zero , then turning the “II” to zero point in counter-clockwise way. For measurement , grip the handle , press the meter on the web in parallel direction to the web run ,until the whole underpan touch the web surface,meanwhile “I” will turn in the clockwise way,push forward“II” to the reading point , then take WTM away from web,“I” will return to zero point quickly ,“II” will remain at the reading point 。

WTM doesn’t need any power, well designed, user-friendly ,water-proof and portable.

6. specification                       Z-200

Measuring range:                0-200N/CM                

accuracy:                             ±2.5% measured value     

Dimension:                          Underpan : length ×width=228mm×150mm

To be used on:                       forming fabrics, press fabrics dryer screens

Total height:                           190mm                  

Weight:                                   1.15KG                 


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