Cable Tension Gauge aircraft and cable tension meter aircraft

  1. The patented technology automatically resets the meter to zero , which improves the measurement accuracy and facilitates measurement.


2. Equipped with a line catching motion structure and labor-saving lever, it is easy to capture the measured material.

3. Rugged, non-slip aluminum case, resistant to electrical interference.

4. LIPO lithium-ion polymer battery (about 60 hours of continuous operation).

5. The tested material, the guide roller, and the screen are located on the same plane. During the test, the test data, the status of the guide roller and the tested material can be seen.

6. A maximum of 10 materials can be accurately calibrated. With the wire diameter compensator, the tested wire diameter range is larger.

7. character menu setting interface, easy to operate.

8. According to different ranges and needs, the measurement value display unit can be selected g, kg, c N, N, daN, lb

9. It can record the maximum value, minimum value, peak value and average value in the measurement process, and can also store 10 independent measurement values.

10. Programmable setting of the maximum and minimum value of the trend status bar, clearly determine the range of tension change, and have the advantages of mechanical instrument trend display.

11. Provides fine adjustment of display results. If There is a slight deviation between the material measured on site and the standard calibration material, and accurate values can be displayed without recalibration.

12. Function settings can be protected by passwords to improve setting security.

13. Betten tensiometer provides two display modes, taking into account the advantages of accurate electronic tensiometer reading and mechanical tensiometer trend display.

Model NTA 


Tension range

Measuring head   width

Calibration   material


1.0-10.0 kg


Customer specified


1.0-20.0 kg


Customer specified


1.0-30.0 kg


Customer specified


1.0-50.0 kg


Customer specified


1.0-60.0 kg


Customer specified


2.0-100.0 kg


Customer specified


Accuracy :  (factory calibration material) 2% full scale (FS), (other materials) 3% FS.

Display update frequency :   0.5 seconds

Optional units:   gf, cN, N, kgf, daN, LB (switchable units are different for different ranges)

Adjustable range: The displayed value can be adjusted within ± 10 steps of 1% of full scale according to the site requirements

Line speed:   1000m / min

Stored value:   Maximum, minimum, maximum peak, minimum peak, average

Display :  Dot-matrix LCD

Shell size:  76 × 46 × 275mm

Power : Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, continuous working for about 60 hours

Operating temperature : 10-45 ° C, 90% relative humidity or less

Accessories :  Instrument, instruction manual, certificate, charger, instrument box

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