How to choose a tension tester for measuring wire tension?


In the production process of wire rods, there are many processes that need to know the tension of wire rods, such as winding, drawing, spinning and so on. The physical properties of wires vary greatly, and different tension testers should be selected for the measurement of different wire tensions. The tension of the yarn during winding and production is relatively small and should be measured with a lightweight and convenient tension tester. For example, the NK and NM series of pistol-type L-type tension testers produced by Betten Technology Co., Ltd. Small size, light weight, suitable for small tension measurement conditions.

Tension testers for metal wires are generally relatively large, and the difference in diameter of different wires will lead to measurement errors. A sturdy and durable tension tester should be used, and the tension tester is required to have a wire diameter compensation function to reduce the impact caused by different wire diameters. For example, the NT series of Betten Technology Co., Ltd.

The tension measurement of aircraft control cables is special, because the measurement space is small and the measurement tension required is large. Ordinary tension testers cannot meet the requirements. Measurements can be made using the NTA series Tensile Tester from Betten Technology Co., Ltd. The maximum measurable range is 0-100KG.

The tension measurement of chemical fiber in the spinning stage is also special. Because the speed of chemical fiber is very fast, the ordinary tension tester cannot meet the tension measurement at high speed, and a tension tester in the form of a wire rod is required for tension measurement. The NTSC series tension tester of Betten Technology Co., Ltd. can be used.

In addition, Betten Technology Co., Ltd. also provides other series of tension testers such as NTS, NTW, NTF, NTL, etc., to meet the full range of tension testing needs of customers.

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