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The yarn in the general textile industry is very thin and the tension is relatively small. Therefore, the selected tension gauge and fiber tensiometer are of small range. As for how to choose the range, here is a simple way to teach everyone. Look at the TEX value of the yarn you are measuring. For example, the TEX value is 30. Then the maximum tension of your yarn is about 30g. You can choose a 50g tension guage. The fiber tensiometer in the chemical fiber industry is very sensitive. Try not to choose a mechanical one, because the error of the mechanical type is large, and sometimes it does not reflect small tension changes. Whenever possible, choose an electronic fiber tensiometer. At present, there are many brands of electronic tensiometers, and the product quality is uneven. Teach you a simple way to judge the quality of fiber tensiometer or tension gauge. See if this tension meter is equipped with an auto-zero function. The auto-zero function is very important for tension measurement. Especially small range tension meter. The ordinary fiber tensiometer or tension gauge uses a pressure sensor to connect the measurement component without automatic zeroing. Due to the change in the handheld attitude of the measurement component, the error caused by the deviation caused by gravity is easily more than a few grams, which is unacceptable for yarn measurement requiring high accuracy .tension gauge with auto-zero function uses a tension sensor. For example, the NTS series tension meter of Betten Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with an auto-zero function. It can accurately measure yarn tension without hand posture change during the test.

NTS Features

Convenient and intuitive observation Guide roller, material to be measured, readings can be seen on the same plane.

Guide roller moving device and lead frame ensures easy capture of moving material

V-groove guide roller with ball bearing

LIPO lithium-ion polymer battery (about 60 hours of continuous operation)

The measuring head of the NTS is a ball bearing guide wheel with a maximum speed of 900 m / min

Guide wheel Drawing

Model NTS


Tension range

Measuring head   width

Calibration   materials (Polyamide Monofilament)


0.3-50.0 cN




1.0-100.0 cN




2.0-200. cN




5-500 cN



Unit conversion: 1cN = 1.02g


Accuracy :             (calibration material) ± 1% of full scale (FS), (other materials) ± 3% of full scale (FS)

Display update frequency 0.5 seconds

Optional unit           g, cN

Line speed NTS         900m / min

Stored value           Maximum, minimum, average

Display               LCD

Case size              225X45 X 30 mm

Power                Li-ion rechargeable battery, continuous working for about 60 hours

Operating temperature    10-45 ° C, 90% relative humidity or less

Shipment include         tension meter, instruction manual, certificate, charger, instrument box

Scope of application Tension measurement of yarn, chemical fiber, fine metal wire in textile, chemical fiber, wire and cable industry

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