What are the main brand tensiometers in the world and how many brands do factory technicians know?

There are many manufacturers of tensiometers in the world. Although the principles of tensiometers are consistent, there are many differences in the usage and application of tensiometers produced in each country. Following is a specific introduction.

1. The United States.

There are two well-known brands in the United States, one is tensitron. The other is OPTI.

The TENSITRON factory has decades of history and has many types of tensiometers. From the earliest mechanical TR series wire tension meter, BTM series mechanical wide tension meter. To the electronic wire tension meter TX-1 series, and the electronic type payment material tension meter WX series, etc., there are a large number of CX series tension meters for railway. The characteristics of the products produced by TENSITRON are that it covers a wide range of applications, and may be the longest manufacturer of tensiometers in the world. Aircraft cable tension measuring equipment ACX series This is a unique series. They have their own unique WX series for wide-format material measurement. Other manufacturers are currently unable to provide equipment in this regard. Tensitron can provide any conventional measuring tensiometer products. However, although tensitron products have a wide coverage, they also have some disadvantages. Their products were developed a long time ago and there has been no improvement. The customer's usage habits are not as convenient as some other brands. In addition, except for the crooked aircraft cable tension gauge, their products are not equipped with wire diameter compensation, so the error of the test results is relatively large. The electronic tensiometer is also not equipped with an automatic reset function. In general, although TENSITRON can provide a wide range of products and a wide range of applications, the entire product structure and functions are relatively backward, and they are not among the advanced manufacturers of tensiometers.

Another brand in the United States is OPTI. The products produced by this factory are very single, and the value is withdrawn from the tensiometer for the measurement of aircraft cable tension. And only mechanical tensiometers are currently on sale. Although electronic tensiometers are under development, no products have yet been formed. The mechanical aircraft cable tension meter is also a comparative product. The error is large. The measured value needs to refer to the comparison table to read the final tension value, which is troublesome.

2. Germany. Germany is a big manufacturing country, and there are 3 professional manufacturers of tension meters. SCHMIDT, HONIGMANN, TENSIOMETRIC.

SCHMIDT tensiometer manufacturer is a professional tensiometer manufacturer with a long history. Focus on the development and sales of small-scale tensiometers and tension sensors. Can provide mechanical tensiometer and electronic tensiometer. The mechanical tensiometer is a product developed by the original SCHMIDT factory and has a long sales history. However, the inherent shortcomings of mechanical tensiometers, such as large errors and inaccurate readings, cannot compete with electronic tensiometers. Later, SCHMIDT and Japan's Xinbao brand joined forces to use OEM's electronic tensiometer to form their own DT series electronic tensiometer. Covers wire tension measurement, broadband tension measurement and other fields. Later, due to the breakdown of the cooperation between Xinbao and SCHMIDT, Schmidt turned to the new DT series tensiometer, which has the functions of wire diameter compensation and automatic zero reset. It should be one of the most advanced tensiometers so far. In addition to the DT series, the ZE series and ET series of textile and chemical fiber tension meters have been launched for the textile industry and the chemical fiber industry. Meet the needs of customers in different industries for tension measurement. It can be said that SCHMIDT is by far one of the most professional providers of small-scale tensiometers in the world.

The German HONIGMANN brand is a very good factory and has a history of several decades. The factory is characterized by strong R & D and customization capabilities, and the factory has strong hardware design and processing capabilities. Can be customized according to customer needs. Hand-held tensiometers are also available. However, HONIGMANN's hand-held tensiometers are separated from the measuring head and the display unit, with a connecting cable in the middle. There is no one-piece ease of use. In addition, it does not have automatic clearing and wire diameter compensation functions. Therefore, it is not widely sold worldwide. The sensors sold by HONGIMANN are very good, and they are very famous in the entire machinery manufacturing field. Many cable equipments are designated to use HONIGMANN tension sensor products.

The German company TENSIOMETRIC has a 30-year history and was originally founded by an employee of HONIGMANN after leaving. So the products of TENSIOMETRIC and HONIGMANN are very similar. However, the processing capacity of TENSIOMETRIC is not as good as that of HONIGMANN. Therefore, the product looks inferior to HONIGMANN's products in terms of design and craftsmanship. TENSIOMETRIC also has two product lines of tension meter and tension sensor. Tensiometers are not widely used for the same reasons as HONIGMANN. But there are still some users of tension sensors. Because of high precision and strong durability. TENSIOMETRIC products are specified in many OEMs.

3. Japan. Japan, which is also a major manufacturing country, also has its own tensiometer manufacturer. One is Japan's new treasure, the other is Japan's Yokogawa. But there is no factory specializing in the manufacture of tensiometers in Japan. Tensiometers belong to a small branch of their products. Unlike German companies, they specialize in the production of tensiometers and tension sensors. Japan Xinbao only produced a DT series electronic tension meter. When it was designed more than 20 years ago, it should be the most advanced tension meter at that time, with wire diameter compensation function. Suitable for wire and cable, textile and chemical fiber industries. However, because the tensiometer is only a very small product of Xinbao, he failed to make many changes in application like the German company, which is suitable for many industries. Xinbao's tensiometer is only suitable for wire and cable, textile and chemical fiber industries. However, in the current view, this tensiometer is very backward, in terms of ease of use and ease of maintenance, it is inferior to the current state-of-the-art level. There is no automatic reset function.

Tensiometer of Yokogawa of Japan is a very small commodity classification, and there is only one mechanical pointer tensiometer. The maximum range of Yokogawa's tensiometer is only 2KG, and the full range of tensiometers do not provide wire diameter compensation. If the diameter of the wire measured by the customer is less than 0.2mm, it may be acceptable. After more than 0.2mm, the measurement error is very large.

4. China. As a manufacturing country, China also has many manufacturers of tensiometers with different brands. Tension meter manufacturers in China are divided into two categories, one is to make many products, the tensiometer is only a small one of the products of the company, and the other is a company that specializes in manufacturing, researching, developing and selling tensiometers.

The former company is made by equipment manufacturers in various industries based on foreign tension products in this industry. For example, a manufacturer of imitation chemical fiber testing equipment, after seeing SCHMIDT's products, conducts a general imitation. But the imitation is rough. For example, SCHMIDT's products have an automatic zero-clearing function. They don't have this technology and can't copy them, so they changed to manual zeroing. This function is essentially a problem of the sensor technology. SCHMIDT uses a tension sensor, which is a pressure sensor used by these textile instrument manufacturers. In addition, there are manufacturers of torque wrenches and push-pull gauges, which imitate the DT series of Japan Xinbao. The DT series is already a backward product at present. Imitation of backward products, the product itself is even more backward. Some manufacturers in Guangdong copied the products of TENSITRON in the United States. They used pressure sensors to make the products, and the copied products are backward.

At present, there is only one domestic company similar to the German company that specializes in R & D and production of tension meters. Shenyang Baitan Technology Co., Ltd. It has tensiometers covering various industrial fields such as wire and cable, imitation chemical fiber, aerospace and so on. The NTA series is suitable for tension measurement of aircraft steel cables, and the NT series is suitable for tension measurement of wire and cable industries. The NTW series is suitable for tension measurement of wide materials, and NTS is suitable for tension measurement of textile chemical fiber and fine metal wire. The NTSC series is suitable for high-speed tension measurement of chemical fiber spinning. The whole series of products are equipped with tension sensors, which can realize automatic clearing and wire diameter compensation. Is currently the domestic professional tension meter supplier.

The above gives a rough description of the entire tensiometer supplier system in the world. Interested partners can contact us to find the required tensiometer.

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