how to choose a digital tension meter ?


1. Digital tension meter for measuring yarn. Select the range of the digital tension meter according to twice the tension required by the yarn process. For example, if the process requires the yarn tension to be 56g, then the relationship between twice is 102g, and you can choose a 100g tension meter. Different equipment has different requirements for meters. For example, circulator knitting machine and warping machine need to use L-shaped meters to measure yarn tension. You can choose the digital tension meter NK series produced by Shenyang Betten  Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Digital tension meter for measuring the tension of metal wire. Generally, the diameter of the metal wire changes relatively large, and the range is relatively large. Need a tension meter with a large range and wire diameter compensation. The NT series digital tension meter produced by Betten Technology Co., Ltd. is suitable for measuring the tension of metal wires.

NK series Electronic tension meters is suitable for the measurement of fine materials such as textiles, chemical fiber wires, the measuring range is from 0.3-50.0g to 1-200g

New Features of Model NK Series

1. The patented technology automatically resets the meter to zero , which improves the measurement accuracy and facilitates measurement.

2. The tested material, the guide roller, and the screen are located on the same plane., the test data, the status of the guide roller and the tested material can be seen During the test.

3. The screen display direction can be changed according to the customer's holding method, which is convenient for reading.

4. g, c N can be selected as the unit for measuring value display.

5. Record the maximum value, minimum value and average value during the measurement.

6. Equipped with lead frame and guide roller movement structure, easy to capture the tested material

7. The measuring head of the NTS is a ball bearing V-groove guide roller with a maximum speed of 900 m / min

8.LIPO lithium-ion polymer battery (about 30 hours of continuous operation)

Model NK


Tension range

Measuring head width

Calibration materials (Polyamide Monofilament)


0.3-50.0 cN




1.0-100.0 cN








Accuracy :             (calibration material) ± 1% of full scale (FS), (other materials) ± 3% of full scale (FS)

Display update frequency 0.5 seconds

Optional unit           g, cN

Line speed NTS         900m / min

Stored value           Maximum, minimum, average

Display               LCD

Case size              225X45 X 30 mm

Power                Li-ion rechargeable battery, continuous working for about 30 hours

Operating temperature    10-45 ° C, 90% relative humidity or less

Shipment include         tension meter, instruction manual, certificate, charger, instrument box

Scope of application Tension measurement of yarn, chemical fiber, fine metal wire in textile, chemical fiber, wire and cable industry

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